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    Want to look more sophisticated
    than having a ‘free’ email account?


    Wanting more control over your
    kids email and security?


    Want a professional personalised
    email address for your family resumes?


    Isn’t it time you kept up with the Jones family?

    Why just be another jonesfamily@ispdomain.com when you can have mike@thejones.com or carol@thejones.com and you can even setup email addresses for the kids. For further piece of mind you can even copy yourself on every email they receive to keep an eye on cyber-bullying, and keep them safe. Often when our kids get their first email address, it can be a very random or obscure free email provider, which stays with them up until it’s time to apply for that all important part time or first job – With the HypeID family package, you can ensure they are putting their best foot forward by sending their resume from a professional sounding domain.

    Your domain is like buying personalised number plates for your car. First you need to decide on that cool domain name for your family. You will need to find something that hasn’t been used before, this is what is after the @ symbol in your email address or after the www in your website. Click here to search our database for available domain names now.

    From just $9.95 per month your family can have their own slice of the world wide web with your own personalised email addresses.

    • Family



      • Keep your family safe online with our Domain and Email plan
      • 5 custom email addresses
      • Domain registration included (.com/.net/Some .au)
      • Ability to add a website yourself
      • Setup a family blog to share family memories
      • Give your kids a professional edge on resumes




    Family website

    Social media establishment

    Blog establishment

    IT & technical support


    Why choose HypeID?

    • Australian based client management
    • Multi platform/device functionality
    • Fast cloud network
    • Email protection
    • Access to discounted technical training
    • Ongoing support & updates

    • Free Domain establishment & migration
    • Dedicated client area & control panel
    • Access to tailored plans
    • Australian based data centres
    • Cloud based email for your family

    Getting confused with all the options or need some help?
    Contact us to speak to one of our team about your specific online needs.

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